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Invite Light of Life International to Your Church!

Our Ministry Director, Irfan Abdullatif, would love to come present the Light of Life ministry in your church! Please fill out the form below indicating which option you would prefer for his visit and the dates that your church is available to host.


1. Ministry Presentation Only: Irfan would come to your church and present the ministry of Light of Life on a Sunday or a Wednesday.+

2. Conference Only: Irfan would come to your church and facilitate a 1 day conference on Islam and Christianity. The conference would be 4 sessions each lasting 50 minutes with 10-15 minutes at the end of each session for Q and A.*+

3. Ministry Presentation and Conference Combination: Irfan would come to your church and do a 1 day conference on Islam and Christianity on Saturday and present the ministry on Sunday.*+

Speaking Request

*One Day Conference Details:

Session 1: An introduction to Islam–explaining the five pillars of Islam that all Muslims must follow to be considered practicing Muslims as well as an explanation of the six fundamental beliefs of Islam.

Session 2: An examination of how Muslims and Christians misunderstand each other’s faith and culture and how our misunderstandings leave us talking past each other as opposed to each other.

Session 3: How to effectively witness to a Muslim friend or neighbor. Why you must witness differently to them and how to do it.

Session 4: Q&A. An opportunity for anyone in the audience to ask any question which may have come up during previous sessions or that they may have wanted to ask for awhile. This session cannot be recorded in order to provide Irfan with the opportunity to answer all questions freely.

+Conference/Ministry Presentation Costs: There is no charge for Irfan to present the ministry, the conference, or both. However, a love gift would be appreciated to help offset travel and material expenses.


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