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Light of Life International exists to spread the gospel in the Middle East. We have three distinct facets to our ministry. The first is STARTING CHURCHES. This begins with supporting national pastors—born again middle eastern men with whom we work to establish and maintain local churches. We also help these pastors carry out the other two aspects of our ministry.

The next aspect of our ministry is SHARING CHRIST WITH REFUGEES. We work in areas that are full of refugees. These are people who have left their homes and are currently living in a strange place because they have been threatened by radical Islam. We believe that God, in His providence, brings these people into our area so that they can hear the gospel. For many of the refugees, it will be the first time they hear the gospel. We also work to meet as many of their physical needs as possible. We cannot meet every physical need that comes across our path, of course; however, that is not our goal. Our goal is to meet physical needs as a way to ultimately meet spiritual needs.

Finally, we are SERVING PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS. Many Christians in the Middle East are nominal Christians (Christian by birth not by decision). For these people, we offer two avenues of service. The first is a church they can attend where they will hear the gospel. Also, we often visit these people in their homes and start Bible studies, so that they can know what the Bible really says and what it requires of them. We also help to meet their physical needs–we have purchased food, clothing, and even temporary lodging for born again believers. We feel this is important because these people need to know that other Christians care about them and that they are not alone. By serving Christians, we remind them that we are all part of the body of Christ and we stand with them during their time of crisis.