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Spreading Love in the Middle of Hate

For too long the Middle East has remained untouched by the gospel message, because it has been viewed as untouchable. Missions to the Middle East has been scarce, and what has been there hasn’t been very effective. We were unsatisfied by what we saw, so we decided to go forward by going back. We share the gospel in Kurdistan, Iraq, the way it was done by Jesus and his disciples.

We are hated. We serve Jesus and proclaim his name, where they prefer to serve Mohammed. We are often called traitors, infidels and fools because of our love for the gospel. In the land of Allah, we lift up the Cross of Jesus Christ.

This doesn’t win us any popularity contests. In fact, it makes what we do very dangerous. We operate in countries where they kill people for doing what we do. That is fine with us. We still go. Why?

At Light of Life we are serious about Jesus’ commandments. Even the ones that make Christians uncomfortable…especially the ones that make Christians uncomfortable….like, Love your enemies.

The truth is, many, in churches all across this country, think of Muslims as the enemy. Even many churches that support missions to Muslim countries simply do it out of duty. The Bible is very clear. Our motives matter.

Let me share with you what doesn’t motivate our ministry:
-We aren’t motivated by a fear that Muslims will take over the world.
-We aren’t motivated by a desire to check a box along the path of completing the great commission.
-We aren’t motivated by numbers. We don’t measure our success by numbers, but by faithfulness to God’s commands.

We are motivated by what we are for, not what we are against. We are Christians who strive to be known by the good news of the gospel and we want that to be what defines us. We don’t burn Qurans or make fun of Muslim beliefs, nor do we try to make you fear them. We are for the message that anyone can find salvation through Jesus Christ the Messiah…that’s what we share with the Muslim world.

You see, hate is all around us. We are hated by those whom we serve, and we are even hated sometimes for whom we serve.  However, that doesn’t bother us. At the core of everything we do is a single belief. Love Your Enemies.